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Dyckia are bromeliads sharing that group’s characteristic rosette shape. They are not technically succulents, as they do not store water in their leaves, but they do have similar thick, waxy foliage. Dyckia are xeriscape plants and can withstand long periods without moisture. The leaves vary from long and strappy to short and scalloped. All foliage is fairly rigid and may be smooth or serrated and a solid color or variegated or spotted. Long stalks with multiple red, yellow, or orange flowers appear in spring.

*Not grown by me. Local grower.

Plant Care:

Dyckia need warm to hot conditions to thrive. Can be grown in full sun. Lower temperatures will slow the growth. 

Pot Size

1.5 Litre (Plant in photos is the plant you'll receive)

Delivery Information 

Plants will only be sent out to you on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to avoid plants being caught in transit over the weekend. If plants are ordered after 12noon on a Wednesday they will be couriered to you on the following Monday. Tracking numbers will be emailed out to you as soon as the package is picked up by our Courier and on its way to you.

We like to ensure quality service from our house to yours, so we only offer overnight shipping.

But just in case, Please allow up to two working days for North island delivery, three days for South island deliveries and an extra day for rural deliveries. Unfortunately, we do not ship to PO BOX addresses. If your plant(s) or any other goods have not arrived in this time frame, please flick Toni an email grownsteadynz@gmail.com.

I prefer to only sell well-rooted, established plants.