Anthurium Scandens (Pearl Laceleaf)

Anthurium Scandens (Pearl Laceleaf)

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It has a climbing habit and produces aerial roots, growing without the need for soil substrate and is thus termed epiphytic. In this species the leaves are oval to lance-shaped, are green in colour and produced from brown stems. Leaves are between 6-13cm in length and flowers are shorter than the leaves, they may be upright or hang pendently. They are enclosed in light green spathe and yellow-green spadix structures, leading onto small clumps of white-purple berry fruits.

Plant Care: 
Scandens prefer shaded indirect lighting. And a moist well-draining substrate, but can also be growing epiphytically. For the purpose of retaining moisture & nutrients, this one is grown mostly in cocochip. 

Pot Size

1 litre (plant in picture, is the plant you’ll receive)

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