Jaboticaba 'Paulista'

Jaboticaba 'Paulista'

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 Jaboticaba 'Paulista' known as Brazillian Grapetree. It’s easy to see why it’s also called the Brazilian grapetree, as the fruit looks like large dark purple grapes. The curious and quite striking thing about the jaboticaba is that the fruit is carried on the trunk and inner limbs rather than on the ends of branches.

Jaboticaba flowers are white and fluffy and during the peak summer flowering season the flower covered stems are stunning.

Fruit from 'Paulista' is large, with thick, leathery skin. The tree is a strong grower and highly productive though it can be be later in season than 'Sabará'. The antioxidant rich fruit can be eaten fresh or made into jams, jellies, juice and liqueur.

The trees themselves are multi-trunked and evergreen, slowly growing to around 8 m tall. They can be pruned if required. 

Plant Care: 
Keep sheltered from the wind. Water regularly, doesn't like to dry out.

Pot Size

2 litre (5 years old) 

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