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Philodendron 'Austentatious' vs Philodendron 'Giganteum'

Philodendron 'Austentatious' vs Philodendron 'Giganteum' 
Wondering if your plant is Austentatious or Giganteum? Here are some of the main characteristics & growth habits that set these two apart. 
I've written these descriptions as simple as possible.
The obvious similarities is; they both grow very large leaves 😍.

Austentatious’ green stem can grow short internodes like Eximium or longer internodes like Imbe especially if he’s provided something stable to climb.
Giganteum stem grows short internodes, with thick netted fibres. (This is apparent from juvenile through to maturity)

Giganteum Inflorescence spathe is green, tapering to cream at the apex (tip) when open & deep red at the base.
Austentatious Inflorescence is slender, white & can support up to 5 inflorescence per peduncle.

Those are the 2 main features that set these beasts apart. Also the main veins on the underside of the leaf at the sinus, view the pics to decide that one for yourself 😆
Because of Austentatious’ genetics between Eximium & Imbe, there will be growth variables from seedling variations & morphology. Some may hit the perfect mix of both parents, some may grow more like either parent (bit like humans ay).
And we can't forget about the effects growing environments have on growth maturity too. 
Looking forward to watching how the new Giganteums to NZ grow. Hoping I can use one as an umbrella one day.
Please send me pictures of your Austentatious & Giganteum in all their glory! 

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