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For a Plant?

The question many ask when they hear the price of an uncommon or rare plant. Like these Monstera marmorata 'Aurea' above for example.

For me, I’ve seen the connection, passion, inspiration, excitement, fulfilment, responsibility, joy, love & healing plants bring to people - myself included.

Aren’t these pleasures we’re all seeking in life?

We will fork out for a rare piece of art or even the latest hand bag, why not “for a plant that brings us joy & so much learning”?

In the past, I have spent untold amounts on 'new' possessions that bring me joy for all of a minute or month. The great thing about plants is they can live on for generations. Bringing joy & memories to many. I can share them with family & friends. I can even make friends through plants... I now have many planty friends, or some that will now be forever friends because of a plant. Did I know that spending $xxxx would bring me a so much joy & new friends? Nope! Would I buy more plants at $xxxx? Absolutely! Not just because its a plant that I don't already have, but because of the story I now have to go with that plant.
When you purchase from Grow n' Steady, there is always a story to be told. You purchased from a place that holds history in NZ. A 50 year old tropical jungle that has created its own symbiotic system. 

I’ll leave it with this...
“FOR A PLANT?” Yes! A small price to pay for something that sparks joy in so many. Can live on for generations. You can eat some of them. Or heal through rongoa. Can purify your home. Make it feel homely. Brighten your day, just by looking at it. Inspire you to also grow. All this while being “just a plant”. 

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